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Makes You Fat

Does rice starch make you fat ?

Rice starch is a substance characteristic of this natural cereal that is hypoallergenic and highly digestible, it is the second most consumed cereal in the world and one of the healthiest.

It is composed of the polymers amylose and amylopectin, it also contains proteins and phosphorus to provide those who eat it.

Benefits of rice for the body

Rice starch is a source of energy that allows the body to be more resistant to exercise routines, work or routine activities.

In diabetic people, its consumption is beneficial due to the low amount of glucose after its digestion.

Can rice starch make you gain weight

Rice starch Nutrition facts

The information in the table below corresponds to the nutritional values found in a 100-gram serving of rice starch. This data will be of great help to you to identify how fattening or not this food can be.

Calories Fat Carbohydrates Protein Glycemic index
343 Kcal 0 g 85 g 0.8 g 100

¿Can rice starch make you gain weight?

The origin of rice is vegetable, that is to say, it does not contain any fat, which makes it very beneficial to avoid weight gain. If rice is consumed in a fair measure, it will not put on weight, since all the energy it provides to the body will be consumed with daily activities.

calories rice starchBut if it is consumed at night it can become fat, since the energy will not be consumed and will be stored in the organism.

One of the main problems of why rice can make you gain weight, is because when preparing rice for consumption, people often add butter or oil to make it soft and delicious to the palate, this can increase the amount of calories and add fat to the rice.

The ideal would be to prepare it in a natural way without adding any type of fat. Instead of using vegetable oil, you can add a little coconut oil, which changes the composition of the starch and reduces the amount of calories present. These benefits can be further accentuated if the rice is cooled in the refrigerator and then heated when it is to be consumed.

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