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Makes You Fat

Does poutine make you fat?

Does poutine make you fat? Poutine is fattening as long as it is consumed in large quantities, its calorie content exceeds 700 calories without counting its high fat content.

Does poutine make you fat
Does poutine make you fat

As poutine is a fast food, in which fried ingredients such as potatoes are included, eating it in large quantities or several times a day or week can result in an accelerated weight gain that can easily and in the short term be translated into overweight or obesity.

Does poutine make you fat or thin?

Poutine is more fattening than slimming for obvious reasons, although it is true and it is no secret to anyone, fast foods like poutine have high levels of calories in a single dish.

Nutritional content of poutine portion of 100gr

Nutritional contribution
Quantity in gr
This table shows the nutritional content of poutine and the amount of calories and fat contained in a 100g serving.

What is poutine and why is it fattening?

One of the great pleasures of life is eating, in addition, of course, to being a physiological need that the human body needs to obtain the nutrients (energy) necessary for its proper functioning.

Today, in a culinary world that is quite advanced and developed, there are countless number of dishes to taste at any time.

However, another issue that is taken into account when eating during these times is the number of calories that a meal can have and that this is reflected in the physical state of the person, that is, that it contributes to a possible fatness or obesity.

At this point, the Poutine is located, a French-Canadian dish made with French fries, grain cheddar cheese and meat sauce. Clearly, this is a highly requested meal at fast food stalls, among other things, because of the combination of flavors that the meat sauce with the grain cheese generates on the palate, in addition to being able to spread the sauce on the potatoes.

Its popularity is not low, and it is not for nothing that it is served in the largest food chains around the world, such as McDonald’s, KFC and BurgerKing.

However, after showing the main characteristics of the dish, it is evident that it is not the most recommended for people who want to have a slender figure.

In addition to what was previously mentioned, in some cases, and at the customer’s suggestion, the dish may include beef, pork or chicken, among others. This combination can make the dish contain portions of 700 calories and up to 60 grams of fat, so you don’t have to be very intellectual to realize that, obviously, it is one of the types of food that makes you fat.

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