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Makes You Fat

Does polenta makes you fat

Polenta is considered a very healthy food, since its main ingredient is cornmeal, classified as a superfood. This traditional preparation is found in several Latin American countries such as Argentina and Paraguay; However, its origins are in the European continent, in Italy to be exact, where it first emerged and that over the years it spread throughout the continent, reaching countries such as France, Austria, Romania and many more.

It has several presentations, it can be prepared cooked, roasted and fried, the latter give it a texture similar to bread; It is mainly accompanied by sauces, cheeses, ham and other ingredients, responsible for giving a special flavor to polenta.

As it is considered a healthy food, the question arises a lot about whether polenta makes you fat, especially in those who follow strict diets or who simply worry about the nutritional values of each food, that is why you will immediately be able to know this information about polenta.

Can polenta make you gain weight

Polenta Nutrition facts

The information provided in the following statement corresponds exclusively to the most important nutritional data that you can find in a 100-gram serving of polenta. This information is very useful, because with it you can have a guide on how to eat polenta? And how many calories does this food contain? In addition to knowing if it can make you gain weight.

Calories Fat Carbohydrates Protein Cholesterol
358 Kcal 2.7 g 79.8 g 8.7 g 0 mg

According to the data provided in the table above, regarding the nutritional information of polenta, the following can be deduced.

A serving of 100 grams of polenta contains about 358 Kcal, which for an adult who requires 2300, is equivalent to 15.6% of calories; while for a child who needs 1500 calories a day, they are reflected in 24%.

The amount of carbohydrates present in this ration is around 80 grams, being considered by many to be a high value, since a 100-gram serving of polenta is equivalent to 35% carbohydrates, of the 230 grams that a human being needs. up to date.

As for the fats that this food contains, they are usually very low, because it only has 2.7 grams of fat, which is not actually a high number, compared to other foods of this type. So in an adult, this amount of fat corresponds to 5.4% and in a child to 4%. It is important to mention that this food contains mostly good fats, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, although it also has a small amount of saturated fats.

¿Can polenta make you gain weight?

calories polentaIn answer to the question, can polenta make me fat? the answer is no. That is the conclusion that can be reached, after having reviewed the nutritional information of polenta; where it is evident that the percentages, especially of calories and fat, do not exceed the values that the body needs of an adult and a child per day.

Despite its carbohydrate value, if it is a factor to take into account, since this food, if it has significant levels that can raise sugar levels, nothing favorable for people with diabetes or who are following a diet to lose weight .

In my opinion, polenta can be eaten calmly without making us gain weight, of course, not abusing its consumption and ingesting it at times that are not close to night. In the same way, consume it as healthy as possible, avoiding cooking or ingredients that greatly increase its caloric content.

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