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Makes You Fat

Does pate make you fat ?

There are many presentations of pate, the most common is usually made with beef, chicken, liver, fish and vegetables in case it is a vegetarian pate. That is why it is said that each pate has its own nutritional value.

Its presentation as spreadable paste makes it an appetizing snack to share at meetings and meals, and it is considered a sausage.

Because it contains fat, this food is considered not very healthy, although this depends on its preparation.

Can pate make you gain weight

Pate Nutrition facts

Normally this food product contains vitamins such as A, B2, B5 and minerals such as folic acid, iron, potassium. It contains a high caloric intake of around 324 Kcal per 100 grams, i.e., a serving of this food is equivalent to 12% of the recommended daily amount for consumption.

Added to this is the level of fat that this food has of 29.50 grams of fat in 100 grams, being normal for an adult person per day between 44 and 76 grams of fat.

Can pate make you gain weight?

Pate provides a lot of calories, and it is a very nutritious food that is not fattening. However, this does not mean that calories pateyou cannot eat it, you can eat it only in moderate portions. You should also take into account the physical activities you do every day to burn calories.

Not everything is bad about pate, in any of its presentations this food or sausage provides great health benefits.

Due to its high content of vitamins A and B complex, it acts as a cellular regenerator favoring the good condition of the skin and mucous membranes; it prevents eye diseases, favors disorders caused by cancerous diseases, strengthens the immune system and provides a high percentage of energy and vitality to our body.

It is a food that is not included in any healthy diet, but it brings many benefits to the body.

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