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Makes You Fat

Does onion make you fat ?

The onion is a very well known vegetable, which is used in the kitchen for its multiple uses such as; seasoning dishes, garnishing salads and flavoring soups.

It can be consumed raw or cooked, it is a vital ingredient in the culinary art, in any of its presentations or colors. It is an important ingredient in the preparation of many recipes.

It is composed of 90% liquid, and its nutrients are very varied, from vitamins to minerals that provide great health benefits.

Can onion make you gain weight

Onion Nutrition facts

The onion is a very healthy and antioxidant food, because it contains minerals and vitamins such as sulfur, phosphorus, copper, vitamin C, vitamin A, E and B. This vegetable is part of the group of foods that do not contain a large amount of calories or fats, since a 100 g serving of onion contains only 42 Kcal, 10.11 g of carbohydrates and only 0.08 g of fats.

¿Can onion make you gain weight?

Due to its diuretic and antioxidant properties, in addition to the low caloric intake that onion can provide, it is advisable to include it in your daily diet, which means that onion is not fattening. It is important to know the properties of foods to know what we should eat, how much and the most appropriate schedule so that it does not negatively affect our weight.

Onion is easy to acquire, its preparation is quick and simple and the best thing is that it is slimming.

The onion is present in almost every meal worldwide, due to the great flavor it offers in meals. And very important, it does not lose its properties during cooking.

Health benefits of onion

onion caloriesThis fabulous food helps the body to eliminate toxins and liquids, it is able to stimulate the kidneys, and it is a depurative food, that is to say, it helps you to cleanse your body and fight constipation.

It will also regulate the functioning of the stomach, reduces triglyceride levels, and improves cholesterol levels in the blood. In its natural state it is really antiseptic and excellent for fighting any infectious bacteria.

For these and many other benefits, the onion should not be missing in your kitchen because it works as a good ally to follow a healthy diet and has diuretic properties that will help you lose weight and feel good.

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