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Makes You Fat

Does lobster roll make you fat

Lobster rolls are a very popular type of sandwich in the United States and some countries such as Canada and England. Being a fast food, the question arises if it can make you put on weight, the answer is simple and is that the lobster roll is fattening. However, I invite you to read on to learn how to eat it without gaining weight.

This sandwich is prepared with previously cooked lobster meat, mixed with mayonnaise and vegetables such as celery, onion, salt, pepper and lemon juice. This mixture is mounted on a hot dog bun, browned with butter and usually served with french fries.

Its sale and consumption is very popular in the coastal areas of these countries, where lobster is fresh and readily available. The nutritional value of this sandwich will be explained in detail below.

Can lobster roll make you gain weight

Lobster roll Nutrition facts

The information below reveals the caloric content found in a lobster roll, equivalent to a portion of a traditional size sandwich.

  • Calories: 251 Kcal
  • Protein: 20.76 gr
  • Fat: 6.53 gr
  • Cholesterol:  66 mg

According to the nutritional values of the lobster roll seen above, it can be deduced that it is a meal with an important amount of calories and fat. If we compare it with a caloric intake of 2000 to 3000 kcal, required by an adult person per day, this sandwich provides 12.5% of calories and 13% of fat, clearly very high levels. In addition to this, it has the presence of several ingredients that diminish healthy contributions to the lobster roll, such as spices.

Can lobster roll make you gain weight?

calories lobster rollThe lobster roll is fattening, as it is a type of food that contains high levels of fat and calories. Despite being delicious and somewhat nutritious because it contains lobster meat (low in calories), the way of preparing this sandwich and the ingredients used as mayonnaise, makes its consumption is not recommended daily.

If so, we could notice an increase in weight over time, which is why it should be eaten sporadically to avoid this effect a little, and thus be able to enjoy this delicious sandwich with greater peace of mind.

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