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Makes You Fat

Does fried rice make you fat ?

Rice is a cereal that is consumed in a large part of the world and is an ingredient that adapts to hundreds of dishes, combined with other ingredients it offers diners different and exquisite meals.

Rice is very popular in Asian gastronomy and is the base of many dishes that thanks to its good taste and fusion have become famous in many countries around the world.

A very famous dish of Chinese food is fried rice, which is prepared with cooked rice that is then fried with a certain amount of oil and other ingredients that, because they contain saturated fats, add calories and abundant fat to the dish.

Can fried rice make you gain weight

Fried rice Nutrition facts

The amount of fat and calories is going to depend on the type of fried rice recipe being evaluated, however some useful measurements to consider are:

Evaluation body Unit of Measurement Fat
Center for Science in the Public Interest 1 Dish (4 cups) 10 g saturated fat
National Chinese restaurant chain Panda Express 1 Dish (4 cups) 18 g saturated fat
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Information Center 1 Dish (4 cups) 12,8 g saturated fat

Can fried rice make you gain weight?

calories fried riceAccording to what we have seen above, it can be said that fried rice is fattening, especially if it is consumed at night when the metabolism is slower and does not burn enough calories to prevent food from becoming extra kilos.

Usually fried rice in Chinese food restaurants does not come alone, it can be accompanied by tempura vegetables or proteins also cooked with oil.

If you want to indulge in your favorite food, in this case fried rice, we recommend that you do it early in the day and avoid lying down after the meal so that the digestion process takes place normally. Additionally, try not to eat it regularly and instead replace it with fruits, vegetables and proteins, so you will be having a healthy and balanced diet.

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