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Makes You Fat

Does fried plantain make you fat

Plantain are one of the most consumed foods in tropical countries, where they are grown; however, they are exported to many parts of the world, where they are obviously loved. This food has many vitamins, minerals and all kinds of nutrients that bring great benefits to your health, improving digestion and preventing premature aging.

It is usually prepared in many ways, including fried, everyone’s favorite and clearly the least healthy. That is why the question arises that fried plantain are fattening, the answer is simple: yes, they are fattening.

However, I invite you to continue reading the post to know how to eat it without getting fat and to learn more about its nutritional value.

Can fried plantain make you gain weight

Fried plantain Nutrition facts

The following information reveals the caloric value of a 100 g portion of fried plantain, equivalent to less than one cup.

  • Calories: 252 Kcal
  • Protein: 1,47 gr
  • Fat: 13,27 gr
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg

According to the nutritional values of fried plantain seen above, it can be deduced that it is a highly caloric and fatty food. If compared to an intake of 2000 Kcal per day, which is what an adult needs, this food would provide 12.6% of calories and 26.5% of fat, too high levels.

Being a fried food, it was expected to have too much fat, because bananas easily absorb fat, salts and other additives when cooked in this way.

Can fried plantain make you gain weight?

calories fried plantainFried plantains are fattening, although they are not fattening by themselves. For this to happen there must be an excessive and recurrent consumption of this food, which as we know is highly caloric and very fatty. Although bananas contain many vitamins, minerals and an infinite number of health benefits, they lose them to a great extent when they are prepared in this way.

If you want to consume bananas in a healthy way, the most recommended is roasted, boiled or baked.  Although sporadically, you can eat fried bananas if you wish, but in small quantities, without worrying too much about whether they will make you gain weight or not.

However, it is worth mentioning that in case of consuming them, the other complements in the plate should not be equally hypercaloric, but rather moderate, so you will have a more balanced meal in terms of fat and calories.

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