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Makes You Fat

Does fried chicken make you fat

Chicken is one of the most consumed foods in the world, because its flavor, protein content and versatility make it an excellent option to taste at any time of the day. There are many ways to consume chicken one of this is the fried chicken, because well it is this an article we will focus on this type of preparation to answer the question if the fried chicken gets fat.

does fried chicken make you fat
does fried chicken make you fat

To answer this question it is necessary to make a complete analysis of the nutritional and caloric contribution that can be provided by fried chicken.

Nutritional intake of fried chicken

Below you will find the table with the nutritional characteristics of fried chicken for a standard serving of 100 g.

Calories Fat Carbohydrates Protein
307 Kcal 20.4 g 14.9 g 15.9 g

As seen in the table the caloric content of this food is relatively high when compared to a normal diet of 2000 kilocalrías daily, since only a serving of 100 grams is contributing almost one-sixth of what the body needs. In addition to the calories is also added a supply of 14.9 g of carbohydrates these characteristics make fried chicken considered as a food that can make you fatten.

How to eat fried chicken so you don’t get fat?

Not everything is bad news, since you can consume fried chicken without risk of fattening, for this it is necessary to follow some tips in preparation to limit the intake of unnecessary calories.

1. Skin and any traces of natural fat should be removed from the chicken
2. Fry chicken in new oil preferably in cholesterol-free vegetable oil.

3Drain fat very well before consuming
4. Eat this food in moderate servings, not exceeding 100 grams per day.

If you follow these tips you can consume it without fear of gaining weight uncontrollably.

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