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Makes You Fat

Does egg makes you fat

Egg is one of the most consumed foods in the world and the reason is that its ease of preparation, versatility, taste and its properties make it the ideal food for anyone. Much has been said about the egg and in fact it is said that consumption of this produces cholesterol, however, this is false and contrary to what is said the egg has great health benefits.

does egg makes you fat
The egg fattens?

Now delving into the main theme of this article to answer the questioning does egg makes you fat?, it is necessary first to know each of the properties of the egg in its different presentations, this way will evaluate the total calories that it has a portion of boiled egg and a fried egg and then get a conclusion about it.

Nutritional data the egg

The following is the nutritional information of the egg in different presentations, the data correspond to a 100 g serving.

Food Calories Fats Carb. Protein
Raw egg
147 Kcal 9,94 g 0,77 g 12,58 g
Boiled egg
154 Kcal 10,57 g 1,12 g 12,53 g
Fried egg
196 Kcal 14,69 g 0,93 g 13,56 g

Does egg makes you fat, yes or no?

From the table above we can infer that a nutrition based on one or two eggs a day does not produce any side effects related to overweight, since the two eggs equal stomps approximately 100 grams i.e. 200 Kcal maximum if the fried egg is consumed , now comparing this value to the 2000 Kcal required by the body a day we notice that even the body needs even more food, thus it is concluded that the egg does not fatten if consumed with meekness.

The egg on a diet.

It should be mentioned that there is a food plan called diet of the cooked egg, this diet bases its diet on the consumption of hard-boiled egg, since this food possesses all the basic nutrients that the body requires for its normal functioning. The Egg Diet is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective diets that has managed to change the lives of many people.

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