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Makes You Fat

Does depression make you fat

What if depression makes you fat? This is one of the questions that is asked daily, especially by those who are overweight. And the response associated with an affirmative type, as depression is one of the incident factors for the person to suffer from anxiety and therefore a tendency to gain weight.

It has been demonstrated that depression is a brain chemical imbalance that derives in atypical mood states, changes in psychological and physical states, which in many cases is associated with anxiety.

It is true that depression makes you fat

Beware of antidepressants
Does depression make you fat

Although there are cases in which depression causes the loss of appetite of the sufferer, which generates a notable decrease in weight, in most cases the opposite is true.

Today we can affirm that depression does cause weight gain, due to multiple factors that are present in the middle of this condition and the person who suffers from it.

It was a belief that depression was associated with weight gain, because the person sought positive stimuli in their favorite foods, which triggered an imminent increase in body fat. Although this is true, it has also been shown that the body processes food differently when it is in a depressed state.

In different studies, it has been determined that people under stress or depression, have an increase of insulin and process fats more slowly, which causes an accumulation of them causing a slight increase in weight.

Beware of antidepressants!

Weight gain in people with depressive tendencies is not only caused by eating disorders, but can also be a side effect of antidepressants.

Although not 100% of people gain weight due to these medications, a large number of subjects have been affected by this side effect, and have gained weight just after starting a treatment of this type.

Depression and weight gain go almost hand in hand, so it is always advisable to consult an expert on the subject, to make the best decisions.

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