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Makes You Fat

Does cottage cheese make you fat?

Cottage cheese is a variety of cheese, fresh and soft, made from cow’s milk. It is considered one of the healthiest cheeses because of its low calorie content.

It is a food rich in protein and probiotics, due to its fermentation process, it provides many health benefits and is produced at any time of the year.

Can cottage cheese make you gain weight

Cottage cheese Nutrition Facts

Cottage cheese is an appetizing and easy to consume food, at breakfast, lunch or dinner it becomes the complement of a balanced diet.

It is rich in protein, vitamins A and B group, as well as many minerals including phosphorus, sodium, selenium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and calcium. This type of cheese is characterized for being low in fat and calories.

The nutritional information provided in the following table corresponds to the important nutritional data found in a 100-gram serving of cottage cheese.

Calories Fat Carbohydrates Protein Cholesterol
103 Kcal 4,51 g 2,68 g 12,49 g 15 mg

¿Can Cottage cheese make you gain weight?

calories cottage cheeseAfter knowing the properties and benefits offered by this variety of cheese and taking into account its nutritional value, we can say that cottage cheese is not fattening; on the contrary, it is recommended in healthy diets to lose weight, as long as its consumption is not excessive.

In addition, the regular consumption of this product brings great benefits to the body, prevents bone diseases such as osteoporosis like all dairy products for its high calcium content. Additionally, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, which are essential for people’s overall health.

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