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Makes You Fat

Does corn flakes make you fat ?

Breakfast cereal has long been the best way to start the day. The corn flakes cereal is made with fresh cereal grains, and it is the favorite breakfast cereal for children and adults.

Corn flakes can be accompanied with milk and fruit, which complements this dish and makes it a nutritious and healthy breakfast for every day.

can corn flakes make you gain weight

Corn Flakes Nutrition Facts

The intake of this cereal is good to take preferably at breakfast, because it allows our organism to receive its corresponding nutritional contribution.

A serving of 100 grams of Corn Flakes has 0 milligrams of cholesterol and 0.40 grams of fat. Additionally, it also contains 84.1 grams of carbohydrates, 3.3 grams of fiber, 7.50 grams of protein, 729 milligrams of sodium, and 3.76 grams of water.

On the other hand, it has some important vitamins for the organism such as; Vitamin B-12 (5.00 mg), Vitamin B-9 (357 mg) or Vitamin D (3.60 g).

In addition to this, the nutritional contributions of milk as an ideal complement provide up to 10 of the nutrients needed in a child’s diet. Milk has essential vitamins for their growth and development, such as B vitamins and minerals like iron, which makes them an excellent breakfast.

¿Can Corn Flakes make you gain weight?

corn flakes make you fatIf you eat a healthy, balanced diet, low in sugars and fats, rich in vegetables, salads and fruits, and exercise regularly, you will be able to control your weight.

Eating cereal in the morning is a healthy practice, since it has a high fiber content that favors the digestive processes. This type of food is considered not fattening, according to experts in nutrition control, weight gain is related to the inadequate eating habits of each person, and not by the consumption of cereal.

It is worth mentioning that although this cereal is not fattening and has interesting nutrients, it is recommended to be consumed together with other foods to take advantage of all its benefits.

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