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Makes You Fat

Do samosas makes you fat?

The samosas are fattening depending on how they are prepared. Their average calories correspond to 212 in a unit of 100gr.

The samosas are a traditional snack of Asian cuisine, mainly from countries such as India, Pakistan and Tibet.

The way they are prepared may vary according to the country, but what is very common in them is their triangular, cone or crescent shape, and potatoes are a favorite ingredient in their filling.

With the passing of time this recipe has become popular all over the world, as a fried or baked pie with a salty filling, accompanied by spicy sauces or any other type of sauce. They are usually eaten at any time of the day as a snack.

Are samosas fattening or slimming
Do samosas makes you fat

Nutritional value of samosas

The nutritional value of samosas is described below based on a 100g unit.

Calories Fats Carbohydrates Proteins
212 12,21 gr 20,79 gr 4,64 g

As you can see, eating one or two samosas is equivalent to a fairly high caloric value, taking into account the caloric intake a person needs. That is why it is advisable to eat them in moderation so that there is no remorse.

Are samosas fattening or slimming?

If samosas are fattening or slimming, this is a very easy question to solve.

Who has not tasted a delicious samosa or empanadilla, in any of its presentations. Samosas, like any other food, have their caloric load that will depend a lot on their preparation and filling.

All these data must be taken into account to know if samosas are fattening or not.

Are samosas fattening or not?

The samosas are fattening, but some people prepare this delicious snack in a healthier way, for example, instead of frying them, they bake them in the oven with vegetables, so that they can be eaten more frequently and lower their calories.

How to make samosas or dumplings?

It is very easy, you prepare a dough of flour and salt to taste, for its wrapping.

Its filling is very varied and there is something for everyone, vegetables, meat stews, chicken, lentils, fish, cheeses and many other ingredients that you can combine to make an exquisite and original empanadilla at home.

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