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Makes You Fat

Do buffalo wings make you fat?

Buffalo wings or wings as they are also widely known, are a type of fast food very popular in the United States, especially in Buffalo, New York, where they originate, hence their name. They consist of fried chicken wings covered with a spicy sauce, made of butter, cayenne, vinegar, among other ingredients.

They are served with the sauce or alone, accompanied by cheese sauce and celery, although some opt for french fries. Being a meal of this type, the question arises as to whether it can make you fat, the answer is simple and is that buffalo wings do get fat. However, I invite you to continue reading the post and learn how to eat them without gaining weight.

Can buffalo wings make you gain weight

Buffalo wings Nutrition facts

The following information reveals the caloric value of a portion of 4 pieces of wing that together weigh 160 grams.

  • Calories: 306 Kcal
  • Protein: 28 gr
  • Fat: 18 gr
  • Cholesterol: 137 mg

According to the nutritional values of buffalo wings seen above, it can be deduced that it is a food with a very high caloric and fat level. If compared to a daily diet of 2000 Kcal, the desired for an adult, this food would provide 15.3% of calories and 36% of fat, as well as 6% of carbohydrates.

Being a fried food and covered with unhealthy sauces, it was expected to have too much fat, since the protein during the frying process absorbs a large amount of oil.

Can Buffalo wings make you gain weight?

buffalo wings caloriesBuffalo wings are fattening, because it is a food that contains high levels of fat and calories. They are extremely delicious and addictive, but if consumed in excess, they can be harmful to health. The way they are prepared and the ingredients used to season the protein and prepare the sauces, make their consumption not advisable on a daily basis.

If so, we could notice an increase in weight over time, in addition to suffering possible cardiovascular problems. The ideal would be to consume them sporadically or to alter the recipe a little, avoiding frying the chicken and reducing the amount of sauce it contains, in this way you can enjoy them with greater peace of mind.

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