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Makes You Fat

Do beans makes you fat

Beans are considered one of the most representative foods in Latin America, where they are included in the vast majority of preparations. It is grown mainly in the American continent, in Latin countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, among others. Additionally, it is also consumed and cultivated in Spain and some African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Despite the fact that beans are native to these countries, constant immigration has led to this food being introduced into the menu of many countries, who consider beans a delicious food.

This food is highly recommended by health experts, thanks to its high content of fiber, protein and other carbohydrates, as well as minerals and vitamins. As it is considered a healthy meal with a high carbohydrate value, the question arises, do beans make you fat? Because of this, this post will talk about the nutritional values of beans.

Can beans make you gain weight


Beans Nutrition facts

The nutritional information provided in the table below corresponds to the important nutritional facts found in a 100 gram serving of cooked beans. With the help of these data, you can take a guide on how to eat beans, so that they do not make you gain weight or, failing that, you can determine if a serving of 100 grams of beans makes you fat.

Calories Fat Carbohydrates Protein Cholesterol
151 Kcal 5,15 g 21.39 g 5,54 g 5 mg

Regarding the data obtained on the nutritional information of beans, the following can be deduced.

A serving of 100 grams of cooked beans contains around 151 Kcal, which for an adult’s diet of 2300 to 2000 Kcal, is equivalent to 6% and 7.6% of calories respectively; while for a child who requires 1500 calories in his daily diet, they are reflected in 10.1%.

Carbohydrates are part of the food group that are most found in beans, with an amount of 21.39 grams, in a 100-gram serving of cooked beans. This is equivalent to 9.3% carbohydrates, of the 230 grams that an adult needs in his daily diet.

For its part, the amount of fat is not usually high, because said serving of beans contains only 5.15 grams of fat, mostly distributed in monounsaturated, saturated and polyunsaturated fats. These 5.15 grams of fat present in 100 grams of beans are equivalent to a percentage of 10.3 in an adult and 9% in a child, who needs at least 30 grams of fat daily.

¿Can beans make you gain weight?

calorie beansBeans are part of the non-fattening foods, because the amounts of calories in a 100-gram serving do not exceed the daily calorie levels that the body needs of an adult and child. This food is very flattering, especially for those who require an extra energy level, since beans have an important source of carbohydrates.

This food can be eaten safely, without worrying if you are going to gain weight, since it is part of the main meals in our day. However, it should be mentioned that the beans that do not contain as many calories are those that are prepared cooked, while the fried beans contain the highest amount of calories, especially in fat.

Likewise, the ingredients in the beans should be as free of fat and carbohydrates as possible, so that they continue to maintain their caloric level and can be eaten more calmly without worrying about gaining weight. There is a probability that cooked beans can make you gain weight, this happens when you exaggerate in the amounts of this food, as well as at the time you consume them, so it is recommended to avoid ingesting them at night.

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