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Makes You Fat

¿Makes You Fat?

This website was created in order to answer one of the questions that is made to food, beverages and activities, determining whether or not they fatten weight. In this way evaluate each of the properties of the food to give clear and concise information.

Make you fat

In we understand that more and more people are coming together to carry a slender body and therefore good body health, for this reason we emphasize showing the food drinks and activities that can cause overweight and at the same time we debunk those myths that have been generated around other foods.

To get to the key point of questioning, the calorie content is evaluated for portions of 100 grams, then that information is compared to a standard data table based on average people that require 2000 calories to ensure a human body functioning, based on such comparison is determined whether the food fattens or not.

In addition to the calorie content other properties of each food such as fat, carbohydrates and proteins are also evaluated, this information together will provide data that when interpreted will reflect the relationship of the food to the weight gain.

It should be mentioned that overweight is usually not directly related to a food, but rather the excess consumption of it, or the consumption in large quantities of any food, since if consumed in many quantities even the vegetables fatten.

With all the above, each of the articles that are published in this informative blog will be made, we hope that this content is to your liking and useful for your body health and aesthetics.

Analysis of each food, drink or activity

Next, you will find a list of the products that we have evaluated and concluded by answering the question?